Dielectric Boots and Electrical Rubber Footwear Explained

Dielectric Boots and Electrical Rubber Footwear Explained


dielectric footwearA sturdy pair of dielectric rubber footwear is a critical component of electrical safety PPE, protecting workers in high-voltage environments. Utility workers, repair technicians, and employees working in high voltage environments can all benefit from the full-fledged protection of insulating footwear.

Burlington Safety Laboratory is the industry’s most trusted provider of ASTM dielectric footwear, shoes, and boots. With over 50 years of experience, we recognize quality and deliver only the best PPE to our clients.

What is Dielectric Footwear?

Dielectric materials are those with extremely low conductivity. In other words, they are excellent insulators against electrical current. Rubber is one such material that has extensive applications within the industry, often serving as a flexible and durable insulator.

dielectric overbootDielectric footwear is made from these materials, allowing them to halt current flow before it can reach the wearer’s skin. Should an employee come into contact with a live conductor, dielectric footwear safely returns the current to the ground, preventing a shock. While grounding mats perform a similar function, they provide protection only in a limited area. By contrast, dielectric footwear allows employees to move freely with full protection from high voltages and step and touch potential.

Burlington Safety Laboratories offers two lines of 100% waterproof dielectric boots to protect technicians in hazardous work environments. All of our shoes are fully ASTM-compliant and tested at 20,000 volts. They are hand-layered from premium, ozone-resistant rubber, and cut to fit easily over existing work boots.

Deep-Heel Dielectric Overshoes

dielectric shoesOur deep-heel dielectric overshoes are designed with the need for mobility in mind. Available in several styles, this shoe features an aggressive tread and a deep heel cavity to lock onto ladders. Options include both overshoes and overboots of varying heights, with or without non-metallic buckles. All varieties further offer a pole-climbing reinforcement patch for maximum stability.

ASTM Dielectric Footwear

Our standard ASTM dielectric footwear conforms to ASTM F1117 and meets the electrical hazard requirements of ASTM F1116. They are constructed from flexible rubber with a wide opening and nylon lining for easy on/off. Styles include 14″ and 17″ overboots, non-buckle overshoes, and two-buckle overshoes.

Uses for Dielectric Footwear

dielectric footwear-thermalIt is impossible to fully eliminate risk when working in high-voltage environments. Live current can cause burns, shocks, or even electrocution, even without direct contact. In humid environments especially, current can travel long distances to the ground itself, endangering workers caught in its path. Even powering equipment down does not completely eliminate the risk, as residual current may remain even when equipment is off.

Insulated PPE is the best line of defense for employees working with or near live electrical systems, including low, medium, and high-voltage machinery. Dielectric rubber boots prevent direct contact with the ground, insulating against stray current, step voltage, and accidental contact with live conductors.

Dielectric Footwear Advantages

Compared to other sources of insulation, dielectric footwear offers several advantages:

  • Protection extends to the entire worksite rather than being confined to individual mats
  • Technicians can safely climb and mount equipment with slip-proof, puncture-resistant footwear
  • Prevents wear on work boots

dielectric footwear testing certificationThese benefits make dielectric footwear the ideal solution for diverse applications, including underground repairs and storm restoration. They are especially beneficial for humid or uneven worksites where there may be a greater risk of accidental exposure.

Dielectric footwear is essential safety equipment for technicians working near live electrical equipment, including those working underground or on overhead lines. Burlington’s dielectric boots and overshoes are comfortable, waterproof, and rigorously tested at 20k volts. In addition to insulating users from current, they also offer durable anti-slip treads and deep-heel cavities to prevent falls.

At Burlington Safety Laboratory, Inc., we’ve spent over 50 years developing, testing, and distributing insulated PPE. Our solutions are fully ASTM-compliant and subject to the most stringent quality assurance protocols. Our leadership in this field ensures workers are protected even in the most hazardous environments.

To learn more about our dielectric footwear, purchase online or contact our team of local electrical experts today.

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