On-Site Electrical Safety Equipment Testing

on site testing

Aerial Lift Inspection and Testing

Includes: Visual inspection of upper and lower boom (fiberglass, hoses, leveling system, etc. for any possible contaminants), Operational check of unit, Dielectric test of the upper boom, lower boom insert, over-all, bucket liner and hydraulic oil in compliance with ANSI/SIA A92.2-1990 and ASTM D877, Certification label, and a certified test report.

Hot-Stick Testing

Includes: Cleaning and waxing, Minor repairs (install end caps), Dielectric testing to IEEE 978-1984, Certification label, and a certified test report.

Temporary Ground Set Testing

Includes: Visual inspection, Cleaning of cables and clamps, Minor repairs (Tightening of connections), Testing per ASTM F2249-03, Certification label and a certified test report.


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