Applications for Electrical Safety Equipment

Burlington Safety Laboratory Inc. is committed to providing the safest and most reliable electrical safety equipment. We have over 50 years of experience delivering solutions for a multitude of electrical applications and are accredited by the National Association of Independent Laboratories for Protective Equipment Testing (Nail for PET). Our testing procedures adhere to CAL OSHA, MIL specs, ASTM/ANSI, FED, and NFPA 70E standards.

Electrical Safety Equipment for Electrical Utility Applications

Electrical utility line work is dangerous and comes with many hazards. In this field, using proper personal protective equipment is critical. Workers must use reliable gear to protect their bodies from electrical burns and prevent accidents. Another common danger is failing to protect against currents in grounded systems.

Today’s utility linemen do much more transmission work at high voltages compared to even 10 years ago. With these increased voltages, incidents of induction have also become more common, creating one of this field’s top hazards. To make utility line work safer, it’s important to control currents that circulate in grounded systems.

At Burlington, we offer many products for utility applications, including high-voltage safety equipment, arc flash clothing, rubber gloves, and footwear. We also offer a range of testing, maintenance, and training services to ensure you get the most out of your electrical safety equipment:

  • Arc flash clothing laundering and repair. Extend the lifespan of your arc flash clothing by having it regularly cleaned and inspected.
  • Certified laboratory testing. We can test high-voltage rubber protective products, including gloves, sleeves, boots, blankets, and more, according to ASTM/ANSI standards.
  • On-site testing. Our on-site testing services include aerial lift inspection and testing, hot-stick testing, and temporary ground set testing.

Electrical Safety Equipment for Industrial Applications

Industrial electrical power applications involve everything from on-site electrical generation to power distribution, sub-electrical systems like HVAC, building automation, energy management, and other medium-voltage applications. Workers in this field deal with electrical grounding equipment, protective relays, circuit breakers and fuses, and many other devices that require multiple types of safety equipment.

As a stocking distributor for Hastings, Salisbury, Hubbell, and other major equipment manufacturers, Burlington offers everything workers in industrial electrical applications need to stay safe, including:

In addition to these offerings, we also provide the equipment testing and maintenance services needed to ensure your electrical equipment remains in optimal condition. Keeping tools like hot sticks and grounding equipment in perfect working condition is a critically important step for preventing workplace accidents and equipment malfunctioning. Our on-site testing for these products includes everything from cleaning to repairs and certified testing reports.

Electrical Safety Equipment for Commercial Applications

Maintaining electrical safety is important in any type of business. As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to manage electrical risks and meet the requirements established by organizations like OSHA, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), and the National Electric Safety Code (NESC). Some steps you can take to reduce the risk of electrical accidents in the workplace include:

  • Inspect equipment cords and plugs for damage regularly
  • Keep a record of tripped breakers and electrical load fluctuations, like flickering lights
  • Obtain and maintain any necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) for electrical safety
  • Train your workers on the grounding procedures that are appropriate for your workplace

Burlington offers all of the products commercial settings need to ensure electrical safety. Our most popular products for these applications include:

  • Insulating blankets. These specialized blankets create a barrier between workers and energized electrical components in cubicles, switchboards, or substations.
  • Line hoses and covers. These products cover energized power lines to protect workers from incidental contact.
  • Head and eye protection. From protective face shields to hard hat accessories and more, we offer a diverse range of designs to meet specific regulatory requirements.
  • Safety kits. No matter what type of safety clothing and equipment you need, we offer a convenient kit and storage bag to keep your workers safe.

Electrical Safety Equipment for Facility Maintenance

While a well-designed electrical system can operate for years without problems, there is always the potential for system failure. To prevent this, as well as other types of accidents, performing regular maintenance tasks is important for any type of commercial or industrial facility. In facility maintenance applications, a number of testing, monitoring, and replacement tasks are performed to identify and remedy problems early.

Electrical facility maintenance involves many diverse areas, such as:

  • Electrical machines
  • Generators
  • Lighting systems
  • Hydraulics
  • Surge protectors
  • Transformers

At Burlington, we provide the tools any type of facility needs to properly monitor and maintain their electrical systems. Our most popular products for these applications include:

  • Arc flash clothing. Arc flash clothing protects the wearer from direct contact with dangerous electrical arcs.
  • Rubber gloves. Rubber gloves protect workers from injuries and electrical shock when working near wires and cables.
  • Dielectric footwear. This product protects employees when working in the vicinity of live current. Our range of dielectric footwear is 100% waterproof and provides reliable protection from stray currents.
  • Hot sticks and insulated tools. Available in a variety of lengths, our insulated tools allow personnel to perform on live equipment from a safe distance. This equipment is ideal for applications that pose a high risk of electric shock, arcs, or blasts.

In addition to these products, we can perform a range of calibration and repair services to ensure your tools are properly calibrated and able to function safely. We can also conduct arc flash studies for industrial, commercial, and municipal electrical systems.

Electrical Safety Equipment from Burlington Safety Laboratory

Whether you’re working in an industrial, commercial, or electrical utility environment, having the correct equipment and keeping it in optimal working condition is critical. With power system capacities steadily increasing, taking steps to ensure worker safety is more important than ever. Burlington Safety Laboratory can help you source and maintain the high-quality equipment you need and also stay up to date on staff training requirements. You can learn more by browsing our services and products page or getting in touch with our team for more information.

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