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With more than 50 years of experience, Burlington Safety Laboratory is a leader in testing and developing insulated personal protective equipment. We are also a stocking distributor for major manufacturers such as Hastings, Hubbell, and Salisbury.

We are pleased to offer a selection of industry-standard high voltage safety equipment, electrical safety clothing equipment, and other electrical safety supplies. Below is a short overview of our quality insulated products, kits, and accessories.

Arc Flash Clothing & Kits

Burlington Safety Laboratory offers flame-resistant clothing that protects from arc flashes and blasts in high voltage applications. Electric arcs that pass between ungrounded and grounded conductors can be as hot as 35,000° F. Our selection of arc flash clothing and kits includes hoods, hats, sweatshirts, jackets, bib overalls, coveralls, and arc proofing tape. With our highly insulated arc flash clothing, electricians, linemen, and electrical technicians are protected from burns and shocks that can occur during electrical cable repairs, electrical equipment maintenance, and other electrical work.

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Rubber Gloves & Footwear

Rubber gloves and footwear are critical for ensuring the safety of workers who handle electrical equipment.

  • Gloves & Sleeves

    Gloves & Sleeves

    Workers must often place their hands directly on or near electrical wires, cables, and other components that can transmit dangerous electrical charges. By wearing the appropriate insulating rubber gloves and sleeves, workers can protect themselves against electrical shock and serious injuries. For high voltage applications or direct contact with energized equipment, workers often wear rubber insulating sleeves with dielectric gloves, for added protection from electrical shock.

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  • Dielectric Footwear

    Dielectric Footwear

    Dielectric boots protect workers working in the vicinity of high voltage equipment and live current. Current can jump long distances to ground itself, particularly in wet or damp environments, creating a high risk of electric shock for workers in the surrounding area. Even when high voltage equipment is turned off, residual current can remain in the equipment. Without insulated rubber boots, workers become conductors for this stray current. Our 100% waterproof, ozone-resistant rubber dielectric boots are designed to prevent the risk of electric shock by insulating the worker’s feet from contact with the ground and moisture in the environment.

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Hot Sticks & Insulated Tools

Burlington Safety Laboratory’s line of hot sticks and insulated tools help personnel work on live or high voltage equipment and conductors from a distance. Rather than coming directly in contact with the equipment, workers can isolate themselves while conducting repairs, maintenance, voltage measurements, and other procedures.

Our hot sticks are composed of insulating materials and are available with a variety of lengths and tool attachments. They are ideal for use on live electrical equipment and other applications with a high risk for electric arcs, shock, or blasts.

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Jumpers & Grounding Equipment

Grounding equipment and insulated jumpers are crucial to ensuring the safety of personnel who work around high voltage electrical equipment.

  • Grounding Equipment

    Grounding Equipment

    Electrical equipment must be grounded to ensure the safety of people and equipment in the surrounding area. Grounds are needed whenever workers perform tasks on non-current carrying electrical power systems that may become re-energized for some reason – equipment malfunction, stored current, accidental re-energization. They effectively ground any electrical current that may pass through power lines or a circuit being worked on, reducing the potential for shocks and arcs.

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  • Insulated Jumpers

    Insulated Jumpers

    When working with points on a breadboard circuit, workers and the surrounding area must be fully protected from electrical shocks. Insulated jumpers help to ensure that electrical current is directed safely into the ground, away from personnel and potentially flammable objects in the area. Our extensive selection of insulated jumpers can be customized to meet the needs of particular electrical applications.

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Insulating Blankets, Line Hosts & Covers

Insulating blankets, line hose, and covers are used to cover exposed lines and electrical equipment for optimal shock protection.

  • Blankets


    Energized electrical lines and equipment present a grave risk to workers nearby. It is therefore critical that electrical equipment and conductors be fully insulated and covered with industrial shock-protection blankets. These specialized blankets are designed to create a barrier between energized electrical components and workers. They are often used to cover components in areas such as cubicles, substations, and switchboards, where workers are near electrical equipment.

    Burlington Safety Laboratory’s superior quality protective blankets are available in a broad range of sizes and styles, depending on their intended application.

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  • Line Hoses & Covers

    Line Hoses & Covers

    Similar to blankets, insulating line hose and covers cover energized lines and connectors to protect workers from live current. By covering power lines in insulating materials, individuals can work nearby without dangerous incidental contact with exposed power lines. Burlington Safety Laboratory’s insulating line hose comes in a variety of diameters and lengths. Use them in conjunction with quality insulator covers to ensure full protection.

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Eye & Head Protection, Kits, and Accessories

When working close to electrical equipment and lines, it is especially important to protect sensitive areas such as the eyes, face, and head from stray electric current and arc flashes. Burlington Safety Laboratory offers a variety of quality eye and head protection, safety kits, and accessories to ensure optimal worker safety.

  • Eye & Head Protection

    Eye & Head Protection

    For superior eye and head protection, Burlington Safety Laboratory provides a wide variety of arc flash hoods and face shields to protect workers’ eyes and faces from electrical current and arc flashes. We offer a broad range of designs and features to meet specialized needs and stringent regulatory requirements for use in high voltage applications. Arc flash hoods consist of a full head cover with a face shield, all composed of lightweight insulating material. For low to moderate risk applications, face shields may be stand-alone, or they may be incorporated into full hoods for complete protection in high-risk situations.

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  • Safety Kits

    Safety Kits

    At Burlington Safety Laboratory, we offer a variety of safety kits that place all of the clothing items and accessories you need into an easily accessible package. Each safety kit includes major clothing items and important accessories in a convenient storage bag, so you have everything you need in one place. For example, our insulating glove kits include rubber insulated gloves and leather glove protectors in a canvas storage bag. We also create custom combinations of arc flash clothing and accessories in specialty kits geared toward particular applications.

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  • Accessories


    Burlington Safety Laboratory offers critical accessories such as storage bags, hot stick cleaning wipes, tool buckets, blanket pins, and other items that ensure the safety and ease of use of our electrical protective equipment and clothing. Accessories can be incorporated into specialty kits or purchased separately.

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Electrical Safety Equipment at Burlington Safety Laboratory

At Burlington Safety Laboratory we are committed to ensuring that electrical workers have the protection they need when working in risky high voltage applications. To ensure safe operations in a variety of conditions, we offer a wide range of protective equipment, tools, and accessories, from arc protection coveralls and hoods to grounding equipment, insulated jumpers, and more. We also offer calibration and repairs, training, technical services, and more.

As a preeminent provider of insulating personal protective equipment and testing services, we are NAIL for PET accredited, and our testing procedures meet or exceed stringent ASTM, ANSI, NFPA 70E, FED, and CAL OSHA standards. To ensure the highest level of quality and accountability, we maintain thorough documentation of each item tested, including dates tested and test values. All of our technicians receive in-depth training and pass rigorous written tests prior to performing critical testing on electrical safety equipment.

To learn more about our insulating electrical safety equipment, visit our product catalog or contact us today.

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