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Our testing capabilities cover all of the rubber PPE – gloves, sleeves, blankets, line hose, as well as aerial lift trucks, hot sticks, and ground sets.  We stock product from over 50 distributors of safety equipment, we keep a variety of colors, sizes, lengths, and styles.  A lot of our customers that come here, we know them by name, we know exactly what they’re looking and for we know exactly what they want.

Burlington safety is a one-stop shop for protection from shock, burn, and blast.  We offer the rubber gloves, arc flash clothing, and blast blankets.  Our capacities range well into hundreds of thousands of units per year, but we still offer the service for someone who has two pairs of gloves and needs to have them tested in the event of natural disasters.

Burlington safety is equipped to handle your emergency needs to get your PPE within 24 hours.  The calibration services provided by Burlington are in-house tests where we can check the voltage on meters, we can check the accuracy of the detectors that are provided, as well as we can use multiple manufacturer’s calibration houses to be able to send the same thing out to them.  The rubber gloves that we test are our worker’s primary protection. They’re tested to standards written by ASTM and enforced by OSHA.  The gloves are clean, washed, tested, and visually inspected.  These gloves right here, I am putting them on the inflator and blowing them up to make sure that there’s no cracks or holes, and that they’re safe for them to wear.  They’re stamped with a test date and then packaged.  The worker will be the person to open that package, and they know that those gloves came straight from the test lab.

I take it very seriously, and I tell people when I train them this is a serious job, like you really have to check everything out and pay attention.  Burlington safety’s testing capabilities go far beyond the laboratory.  We do on-site service testing; we do in-house testing as well as some remote testing.  Quality is everything in our testing.  Everything that comes in here needs to leave looking a lot better than the when it came in.  A lot of times the stuff that we get in here comes directly from the field so it’s not in the best condition.

It’s personal, I myself have a son who’s a lineman and trusts in the services and products that our company provides.  I’ve been a part of the company for 40 years working with my father, we’ve grown over the years out of the need for safety.

The trainings are typically 8 to 16 hours depending on how in depth we go, whether it’s a 10-hour OSHA training or a full 70E training – The trainings could take up to two full days.  At Burlington safety we realize the needs of our clients and a lot of times you can’t leave your facility so we’ll come to you.  We offer an online training of this same 70E and OSHA 10-hour class to allow remote learning.

My favorite part of what I do is knowing that every day the job that we do is actually helping the end user, helping the worker on the field who’s using our product.  I want everyone who uses our product to know that when they see the Burlington Safety stamp on the glove to know that we put a lot of work into it.  We put a lot of quality assurance, a lot of attention to detail and we do our job as best as possible to ensure that everyone can go home safely.

Every day, everyone here loves what they do, everyone takes pride in their work, and when you have a place like that I kind of feel like the sky is the limit and our work speaks for itself.  I think that by trusting in Burlington Safety you’d be putting your work in the right hands.

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