Laboratory Testing

Certified Laboratory Testing Program

Burlington Safety Laboratory is fully accredited by the National Association of Independent Laboratories for testing high voltage rubber protective goods, to the following ASTM/ANSI Standards.

GlovesD120/F496Every 6 months
SleevesD1051/F496Every 12 months
BootsF1116/F1117Every 6 months
BlanketsD1048/F479Every 12 months
Line HoseD1050/F478Every 12 months
Rubber Insulating CoversD1049/F478Every 12 months
Rubber Insulating MattingD178Every 12 months
Hot Stick and Hot Line ToolsF711Every 2 years
Insulating Plastic GuardsF712Every 12 months
Grounds and JumpersF855/F2321Every 12 months
Insulating Aerial DevicesANSI-A92.2Every 12 months

Test Procedure

  1. Solvent Cleaning – Solvent is environmentally acceptable, MSDS statement provided
  2. Detergent Washing – Mild detergent is used, MSDS statement provided.
  3. Dielectric Testing – Procedure is done in accordance with ASTM Standards, Rubber goods are rejected during this step for:
    • Electrical breakdown.
    • Leakage current exceeding maximum limits set forth in ASTM Standards.
  4. Drying – Drying is done with circulating warm air.
  5. Visual Inspection – Rubber goods are carefully inspected inside and out for age cracking, imperfections in the rubber, minor tears, chemical attack and corona cutting.
  6. Stamping – Rubber goods are stamped in ink and the boxes are labeled in accordance with ASTM.
  7. Packing – Rubber goods will be packed in cartons. Rejected gloves shall be so marked and returned.
  8. Documentation – Written certification of results will be furnished for all tested materials.

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