Electrical Safety Gloves in New Jersey 

Workers often use electrical-insulating rubber gloves for protection from electrical hazards. These gloves meet both NFPA 70E standards and ASTM D120 specifications to provide sufficient insulation. They consist of dielectric natural rubber, which keeps workers safe from the risk of electrical shock when working with or near electrical systems. 

Electrical-insulating rubber gloves fall under certain voltage classes and are either resistant or non-resistant to ozone, which determines the type. The voltage class refers to the maximum voltage that glove users can safely contact, which is why workers should wear gloves with a voltage class rating that’s suitable for their work environment. Type I gloves are not resistant to ozone, while Type II gloves are capable of resisting degradation and cracking resulting from exposure to environments with high levels of ozone.

At Burlington Safety Laboratory, we offer electrical safety gloves and accessories for customers in the New Jersey area, including Burlington, New Brunswick, Piscataway, Edison, Woodbridge, and Perth Amboy. 

New Jersey Electrical Safety Glove Components

There are three main components of electrical safety gloves, including:

Rubber Insulating Gloves

The main component is the rubber-insulating glove, which comes in many cuff styles and color options. OSHA voltage ratings determine these gloves’ classes or categories based on the level of protection they offer.

Leather Protector Gloves

Workers wear this component over rubber-insulating gloves for protection against punctures, cuts, and abrasions when performing work.

Cotton Inner Liner

These gloves also include an inner liner that adds comfort while providing thermal insulation when wearing them in the colder months. Additionally, they absorb perspiration during the warmer months. 

New Jersey Electrical Glove Accessories

For customers in the New Jersey area, our rubber electrical safety gloves may also come with various accessories to provide extra protection and added convenience.

Leather Protectors

Some workers may wear leather protectors over their gloves to protect from hazards beyond electric shock, including abrasions, cuts, and punctures.

Rubber Insulating Sleeves

Another accessory that electrical safety gloves could include is a rubber insulating sleeve. These sleeves provide an additional layer of protection extending to the shoulder from the end of the glove. This design keeps workers safe in the event they come into contact with charged cables and other equipment.

Storage Bags

Electrical safety gloves may also come with canvas storage bags. These bags lend even more protection to the gloves and sleeves, keeping them safe from exposure to harsh environmental conditions and increasing their longevity.

Additional Accessories

You’ll find a wide variety of additional accessories to help you get the most from your electrical safety gloves. Some additional accessories could include glove liners, sleeve straps, glove dust, and rubber goods cleaner, among others.

Reliable Electrical Safety Gloves from Burlington Safety Laboratory, Inc.

If you’re in New Jersey and require high-quality, long-lasting electrical safety gloves and other supplies, turn to Burlington Safety Laboratory, Inc. We are a leading distributor of industrial electrical supplies and products. Our extensive inventory includes gloves, sleeves, leather protectors, and deep-heel overshoes. We offer various glove types, such as EPDM rubber low-voltage gloves, natural rubber gloves, and leather protectors.

Linemen’s sleeves come in either molded or dipped types available in straight or extra-curved styles. They’re compatible with applications involving voltage ratings with a minimum of 5 kV to a maximum of 40 kV. The sleeves are available in multiple colors and sizes ranging from small to XL.

For more information about our products and to find the right electrical safety gloves or other electrical products, contact us today.

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