Arc Flash Clothing in Pennsylvania

Arc Flash Clothing in Pennsylvania

At Burlington Safety Laboratory, we specialize in providing ARC flash clothing and protective gear for our Pennsylvania-area clients. We serve the Allentown, Erie, Lancaster, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh areas with wearable electrical safety products, safety training, ARC clothes laundering and cleaning, and more. Learn more about the value of arc flash clothing provided by a laboratory you can trust.

What Is ARC Flash Clothing?

Arc flash clothing protects wearers from burns and heat-related injuries caused by exposure to open flames, sparks, and arc flash. Both flame-resistant clothing and arc flash clothing are produced to comply with industrial safety standards, and many workers who are often near dangerous equipment wear both arc flash and flame-resistant clothing for layers of protection. Arc flash clothing meets more stringent standards, including NFPA 70E standards (which govern protective clothing used near electrical equipment that causes a risk of arc flash). The materials are self-extinguishing, resistant to burning, and resistant to melting.

ARC Flash Clothing Requirements

Because arc flash clothing is designed to protect wearers from more severe arc flash hazards, not just flames, the materials and production processes are subject to more stringent standards. To comply with these requirements, arc flash clothing is often made with Nomex®, a specialty fabric that can meet or exceed safety standards in environments with multiple heat hazards. Two key standards Nomex® meets are:

  • ASTM F1506: The Standard Performance Specification for Flame Resistant and Electric Arc Rated Protective Clothing Worn by Workers Exposed to Flames and Electric Arcs
  • NFPA 70E: Guides safety standards in environments with potential electricity hazards

The Importance of ARC Flash Clothing

Working in environments with energized electrical equipment is extremely dangerous without suitable safety measures. Electricity can cause burns, shocks, and electrocution, especially if the equipment is near open worksites or workers interact directly with the equipment. ARC flash clothing creates a well-insulated protective barrier between people and electrical hazards that can mitigate or eliminate the hazards of contact and proximity to electricity. 

Work environments must have numerous layers of protection, but personal protective equipment (PPE) represents the final layer of protection that can prevent injury or death in the event other protective measures fail.

Ultimately, arc flash clothing can:

  • Protect wearers from electrocution, arc flash, and related burns, which could otherwise cause injury or death
  • Protect wearers from explosions and radiant heat
  • Protect companies from liability and failure to comply with OSHA standards
  • Keep worksites productive, safe, and compliant

Our ARC Flash Clothing Offerings

At Burlington Safety Laboratory, we produce a wide range of arc flash clothing and wearable gear for Pennsylvania-area workers. Our catalog of products includes:

  • Arc Flash Hood: These articles protect a wearer’s head, neck, and face with thick fabric and a facial shield.
  • Arc Flash Coats: These coats protect workers’ torsos, arms, and lower necks from arc flash.
  • Arc Flash Coveralls: These coveralls are a single garment offering complete coverage of a wearer’s arms, torso, back, and legs with no breaks in the fabric.
  • Arc Flash Bib Overalls: Bib overalls are made from self-extinguishing materials to protect wearers’ legs and provide additional protection to the chest area.
  • Arc Flash Head Protection: Head protection includes face shields and hoods. 
  • Arc Flash Dailywear: Dailywear includes jackets, hoodies, and other clothing that can be worn day-to-day as part of layered arc flash protection.
  • Arc Flash PPE Kits: Kits typically include a coat, bib overalls, and head protection in the form of a face shield kit or hood.
  • Arc Flash Faceshield: Faceshields are made with specialty materials to provide complete facial protection without obscuring the wearers’ vision.

Contact Burlington Safety Laboratory For Your ARC Flash Clothing Needs

Make your worksite and workers safer with high-quality ARC flash clothing that meets and exceeds applicable safety standards. As your trusted arc flash clothing retailer in the Philadelphia, PA area, Contact us today to learn more about our catalog of products or request a quote to place your order.

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