• Arc Flash Clothing in New Jersey

    Arc Flash Clothing in New Jersey

    Since 1971, Burlington Safety Laboratory has been a leading test lab and provider of insulating personal protective equipment (PPE) including arc flash clothing. In addition to other types of protective equipment, we provide a range of arc flash clothing products for all types of applications. We serve customers in the New Jersey area, including Burlington, New Brunswick, Piscataway, Edison, Woodbridge, and Perth Amboy.

    Learn more about arc flash clothing and the offerings available from Burlington Safety Laboratory.

    What Is Arc Flash Clothing?

    The purpose of arc flash clothing is to provide sufficient protection against burns resulting from exposure to fire hazards such as open flames and sparks. To be considered arc flash protective clothing, it must meet National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 70E standards, which apply to the use of clothing near certain types of electrical equipment that could put workers at risk. It’s a specific type of flame-resistant clothing that is capable of self-extinguishing while resisting flame, sparks, and melting. For added protection, workers may wear multiple articles of arc flash clothing.

    Arc Flash Clothing Requirements

    Arc flash protective clothing must meet NFPA 70E standards. These particular standards require workers to wear arc flash clothing and understand this clothing’s requirements when working in a location with potentially hazardous electrical equipment and other environments conducive to arc flash. However, this clothing only protects against arc flash. It doesn’t provide protection from accompanying blast pressure and materials such as molten metal and shrapnel. Workers must wear arc flash clothing that provides sufficient protection in these environments without restricting movement or vision.

    The Nomex® material used in arc flash clothing features a design specifically intended to meet or exceed industry standards in place for multi-hazard thermal environments. These standards include the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) F1506 and NFPA 70E. 

    The Importance of Arc Flash Clothing

    Working with or close to energized or potentially energized electrical equipment comes with certain safety risks involving arc flash, electric shock, and electrocution. Personal protective equipment (PPE) helps protect workers in these environments from potential injury or death.

    There are a few key arc flash hazards that can put workers at risk, including:

    The Risk of Explosions

    Arc flashes could lead to explosions in some environments because of corrosion, dust, or other elements. Arc flash clothing meeting the NFPA 70E will offer protection in these types of environments.

    Radiant Heat

    Arc flash events could generate temperatures up to 35,000 °F, which can easily transfer to clothing and other surfaces. The right arc flash clothing will also protect against these temperature levels.

    Chemical and Particle Exposure

    Another potential safety risk is exposure to harmful particles and chemicals, which could cause injuries in the form of impact injuries or burn injuries from molten metal particles. Proper clothing will further protect against these hazards.

    Our Arc Flash Clothing Offerings

    Burlington Safety Laboratory offers reliable arc flash clothing, including the following products:

    • Arc Flash Faceshields
    • Arc Flash Coats
    • Arc Flash Coveralls
    • Arc Flash Dailywear
    • Arc Flash Head Protection
    • Arc Flash Hood
    • Arc Flash Kits
    • Arc Flash Bib Overalls
    • Arc Flash Suits

    Contact Burlington Safety Laboratory for Your Arc Flash Clothing Needs

    High-quality arc flash clothing provides the protection workers need from various arc flash hazards when made with the proper materials that meet the latest standards. To ensure our customers get the protection they need, we offer a combination of products based on each customer’s individual requirements. 

    If you would like to learn more about our capabilities and find the right solution for your application, contact us online today to discuss your needs with us. You can also give us a call at 609-387-3404.